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Police Officers General Practice Group

Based upon partner Steven Bamundo’s prior tenure as counsel for the Patrolmen’s Benevolent Association of New York City, and the experience of partner James M. Caffrey, a retired NYPD sergeant, the firm has developed wide experience in many general practice areas, each of which has legal issues unique to police officers and other municipal employees such as:

  • Real Estate Transactions: Purchases and Sales, Mortgage Refinancing, Loans, Deed Transfers, and Lease Preparation or Review. The Firm will accept reimbursement by the PBA funds office as payment for simple transactions.

  • Bodily Injury Claims: Auto, premises and other accidents on or off the job. Unique to Police Officers are issues involving the application of GML§205-e to on the job accidents, as well as the application of VTL§§1104 & 1144 to RMP accidents. Click Here for a Free Case Evaluation.

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  • Domestic Relations Matters: Divorce, Child Support, Visitation, Custody, and Property Settlements. Unique to Police Officers are issues involving claims to retirement benefits (pensions, annuities, variable supplements) and Family Court Orders of Protection.

This group is headed by Steven Bamundo and James Caffrey, who may be reached at 212-608-8840 or at or